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At Dean Foods Procurement, our goal is to procure safe, high-quality goods and services needed to run our businesses competitively. We expect extraordinary integrity, pricing, service, support, innovation and continuous improvement from our selected suppliers, and we work hard to support these values throughout our supply chain.

We strive to incorporate a one-company, collaborative approach into procurement by working seamlessly across divisions and functions, and involving our suppliers early in our processes and projects.

Ethics and Sustainability

We are aligned with the Institute for Supply Management's Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct and Principles of Sustainability and Social Responsibility, and we choose to work with suppliers that share these same values. We have also set meaningful sustainability goals of our own.

Dairy Direct

Through our Dairy Direct program, farmers have access to competitive prices, a home for milk to take pride in, and the opportunity to establish a business relationship with an organization committed to growth and innovation. Dairy Direct allows producers to call their own shots - to make selling decisions that are best for their farms and families. Learn more at

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To learn more about becoming a Dean Foods supplier or to inquire about registration, please contact us at